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Translation of the speech extracts into English

„It is necessary, however, that the individual slowly comes to the realisation that his own ego is insignificant compared to the existence of the whole nation, that therefore the position of this individual ego is exclusively conditioned by the interests of the nation as a whole, that therefore arrogance, conceit, self-conceit and conceit of class are not only ridiculous, but also harmful to the existence of a national community, that above all the unity of mind and will of a nation must be valued more highly than the freedom of mind and will of the individual, that the higher interest of life of the whole must draw the line here and impose duties on the interests of the individual. […]
The first and deepest representative of the people, however, is that part which nourishes the people from the fertility of the earth and perpetuates the nation from the fertility of its family […]
You are gathered here, my peasants, for the largest demonstration of this kind that has ever taken place on earth.
But this should not only be a demonstration of your strength, but also a visible manifestation of the will of your leadership. We want to consciously document, through the Feast of Work and the Feast of Harvest, the spirit that rules us and the path we are determined to follow. May the greatness of these demonstrations give rise to mutual respect for all and the conviction that no stand alone, but all can well stand together. May this feeling of solidarity between town and country, between peasants, manual and manual labourers, grow more and more into the proud consciousness of a mighty unity.
One people we are. One empire we want to be.“

Adolf Hitler at the Bückeberg – Deister- und Weserzeitung, Hameln, 2. October 1933


„Providence has not only enabled us to reap a rich harvest economically this year, it has blessed us even more: The German Wehrmacht has risen again. The German fleet will rise. The German cities and the beautiful villages are protected, the strength of the nation watches over them, the weapon in the air watches over them.“

Adolf Hitler at the Bückeberg – Deister- und Weserzeitung, Hameln, 7. October 1935


„And yet, at this moment, you are all only a part of an entire greater! […]
Do you believe: we face more difficult tasks than other states and other countries: too many people on too small a living space, there is a lack of raw materials, a lack of arable land, and yet: isn’t Germany beautiful? Isn’t Germany nevertheless wonderful? Don’t our people still live so decently? Would you all like to swap with anything else?
(Stormy „Never“ shouts of the masses) […]
It is not for nothing that I have the exercises of the Wehrmacht demonstrated to you here at every harvest festival. They are to remind you all that we would not be standing here if shield and sword were not standing guard over us.
(Enthusiastic rallies of the masses) […]
We have no desire to start any quarrels with anyone. But everyone should also know: the garden that we have cultivated, we harvest alone, and no one should imagine that he can ever break into this garden! The international Jewish Bolshevik criminals can take it from me: wherever they go, they will meet an iron stop at the German border! (Prolonged enthusiastic approval).“

Adolf Hitler at the Bückeberg – Völkischer Beobachter, Berlin, 4. October 1937